Lime Green Knitting Yarn


50g/ 168m ball of Izzy Lane soft, 4-ply wool ( for DK, knit with 2 ends, for Aran use 3 ends, for Heavy Aran use 4 ends )

The Izzy Lane flock of rare breed Shetlands and Wensleydales were all rescued from slaughter and will live out their whole natural lives until they die of old age or other natural causes

The sheep are sheared in July. The wool is then scoured, carded, spun, relaxed and wound onto balls in the various mills of West Yorkshire

While our sheep are predominantly Shetlands and Wensleydales, we also have some miscellaneous ones rescued from death. Their wool is not of the quality we can use in our yarn or clothing. The sale of the wool also goes towards their care as it also goes towards the care of the very elderly sheep which we do not shear


  • 1 x 50g (select quantity in cart)
  • 10 x 50g pack (500g)