Made to order tufted rug.

Made from a blend of the wool of our rescued Izzy Lane Wensleydale, Shetland, Swaledale and Miscellaneous rescued Sheep. This has been combined with the fibre of pet alpacas and the hair combed from the Greenland dogs of an Arctic explorer.
The rug is soft and luxurious, and unique, probably the only 'slaughter-free' animal fibre tufted rugs in the world.

Spun in Huddersfield, hand-tufted in Turnberry, Scotland. Finite quantity of yarn.

25mm pile, natural grey, un-dyed colour.

Bespoke, your shape and dimensions. The price is £245 per square meter including delivery.

Lead time approximately 2 weeks.

Please purchase the number of square meters required and give the dimensions in 'special instructions' or you can email us to order or for further information [email protected]


  • Izzy Lane Rug - per square meter