Izzy Lane DeLuxe - Cat and Dog Beds

£95.00 Coming Soon

Our new pet beds are made using the wool tweed cloth from our Izzy Lane Shetland sheep and the cushions are stuffed with Izzy Lane wool. These are fantastic, quality beds handmade in England. The surround is made from 600 Denver PC and filled with fibre - sturdy and supporting - and the cushion is soft and comfortable. The small size is suitable for cats as well as dogs to hunker down in.

Can be washed at 30-40 degrees cool wash.

1 30/24 cut size
3 38 /27 cut size These sizes throw no waste

Small - 27" x 21" (68.5cm x 53cm)
Medium - 30" x 24" (76cm x 61cm)
Large - 33" x 27" (84cm x 68.5cm)